The Pods



Treat yourself to a relaxing stay in our Peswara pod.

With its geometric structure, it’s like you’ve strayed into your own personal, Eden Project biome. The views are spectacular, and the pod and terrace have been designed to make the most of this. Sitting in the terrace on a warm evening, enjoying a drink under a sky darker and clearer than you could have thought possible, it’s hard to imagine being anywhere better.



We’re excited to introduce our four new pods – available late 2015.

Based on the design of the Peswara, these new pods have the advantage of being wider – and crucially for taller guests, higher. The new pods will have the same facilities as their sister pod, but each will be individually styled. Each will have its own fully-insulated, timber-frame kitchen and bathroom annexe (and the Nessa and Tressa have a lavatory cubical within the pod itself).