Devonshire and CORNISH MOORS

Bodmin Moor is a granite moorland in north eastern Cornwall and an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. It is 80 square miles in size and dates from the carboniferous period of geological history.

Its name is surprisingly recent – until 1813 when the Ordnance Survey renamed it, it was known as Fowey Moor.

Exmoor National Park in North Devon is a unique blend of moorland, woodland, valleys and farmland. At 267 square miles, there’s a lot to discover here.

Dartmoor National Park in South Devon is a wonderfully wild landscape with dramatic tors and swathes of heather-covered moorland. It’s easy to see why it was the setting for Hound of the Baskervilles – but happily, you are more likely to encounter one of Dartmoor’s famous ponies than a spectral hound…