Cornish Walks

There are many lovely walks around here. Browse our small library of walking books in the Honesty Shop or you can visit iwalkcornwall for more inspiration .

Here are a few suggestions to get you started…

Minions, The Cheesewring Side

Distance 5 miles – time 3 hours

This walk has everything! Scenery, antiquities of several kinds, and fascinating remains of mining and quarrying activities. Physically, the walk is undemanding except for the steep climb up to Stowe’s Pound and some rock clambering around the Cheesewring.

Caradon Hill

Distance 4 miles – time 2 hours

An easy walk, much of it on old tramways. This area was the centre of a Victorian “copper boom”. The first part of the walk is a fascinating mixture of ruined engine houses, spoil tips, devastation and a strange attraction – at least in strong sunlight. Walk here in a mist and you might see ghosts!

Kilmar Tor

Distance 4 miles – time 2 hours

A walk in rugged granite terrain, with fairly gentle slopes and some spectacular tors. The landscape and views are exceptional.

Siblyback Lake

Distance 3 miles – time I hour 15 mins

Siblyback is a reservoir surrounded by low hills and tors, used for sailing and fishing. This is a very easy stroll along a permissive path. This walk is flat and mostly even underfoot.

Cardinham Woods & Village

Distance 5 miles – time 2 hours 30 mins

An ancient “road” leads to an early Norman castle and the return goes back through woodland, passing the remains of a mine.

Blisland and the De Lank Quarries

Distance 4 miles – time 2 hours

Starts at one of Cornwall’s prettiest villages, with a shop, a good pub, an interesting church and a village green. This walk is a mix of footpaths and some quiet lanes. There is one steep descent, one steep ascent, and some very uneven walking around the quarry area.


Distance 3 and a half miles – time 1 hour 30 mins.

The well-preserved Bronze Age huts and medieval field systems at Garrow make this one of the most evocative walks on the moor. There is a stone circle, and King Arthur’s Hall.

Farm Stannon to King Arthur’s Hall

Distance 5 miles – time 2 hours 15 mins

Two fascinating ancient sites, with lovely scenery. Probably best as a dry weather walk, since parts of it can become seriously boggy after prolonged rain.

A Circuit of Rough Tor

Distance 3 and a half miles – time 1hour 30 mins

This walk combines great scenery with the remains of two Bronze Age villages and their ritual places.

Brown Willy

Distance 6 miles – time 3 hours

At 420m Brown Willy is Cornwall’s highest point, and it dominates the landscape of the moor like a mini-mountain. This walk involves a steep ascent and descent.

Leskernick Hill from Bowithick

Distance 3 miles – time 2 and a half hours

Open moorland with extensive views and few other walkers. Bronze Age features include cairns, a stone circle and a village site, and there is some quite dramatic evidence of 19th century tin extraction.

East Moor

Distance 4 and a half miles – time 2 hours 30 mins

If open, lonely moorland appeals, then this is the walk for you. You pass a stone row, a stone circle, and an ancient settlement. This is quite a difficult route for navigation – it is a landscape without many landmarks, so choose a really clear day.

You may need a compass to follow the directions and a OS map for safety. Old mining areas are dangerous and these walks can be quite muddy in places!